Mad Tunes - vintage party gems!


I have been collecting Eastern European music on vinyl for many years.

I love rummaging through second-hand record shops and flea markets! London, Paris, Berlin, Bucharest, Prague, Budapest, Naples, Krakow, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Istanbul - cities full of people eager to join the mp3 revolution by off-loading their record collections in the nearest market. Such rich pickings for a vinyl collector! I love the search, the anticipation of finding something unusual, a tune to fire me up, or a tune that makes me fall about laughing or fall in love. I buy them without listening to them, intrigued by the covers, the languages I can't understand and relishing the enjoyment of getting them home and putting them on the turntable. There are many atrocious tunes discovered in this manner along with some absolute gems!

As a graphic designer I get great enjoyment looking at the covers - the design, the logos, the typefaces and the descriptions of the record. Examples are to be found on the next page - try and judge a record by it's cover!

The best tunes go onto my series of Cds: 'Mad Tunes from Around the World'. These are available for £10 sterling from penny at